Want to find someone that has a ATP Certification from Doreen Virtue or can work with you and the angels?


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Gael Nicholson- Energy/Shamanic Healing, ThetaHealing, Angel Therapy, Flower Essence Healing, and Life Force Coaching.
Phone: +61 427 171 981



Lisa K. Fox- Medium, Psychic, Soul Readings, Radio, E-Mail Readings
Lisa has great abilities and does readings that can combine Mediumship and Psychic into one reading if needed.  She also is able to give you readings that talk more about growing your soul.  She also does email readings. 


Elsa Stokes- Angel Therapy Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Medium, Reiki Master, Angel Theta Healing Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher and Speaker
Elsa is able to combine an angel reading with finding blocks in your life that might stop you from being the best you can be.  She is able to use her healing background to clear your blocks and give you information that will empower you.



CA Area

Kriss Bouchard, Angel Readings, Intuitive Archetypal and Evolutionary Astrology, Navigational Coaching, The visionary Heart, Discover who you really are and where you are going!, Free Monthly Newsletter.


FL Area

Mark A. Rawson  - Theta Healing, Spiritual coach, Reconnection Healing, Angel work and readings, Reconnection, Healer, Past Life Regressions, Reiki, Psychic,  Teacher.  I work in person, but most of my work is remote.
Web Site:    Phone: 813-444-3768


Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J Garner
Angel, Life & Business coach, Healing


Melissa Hevenor-  Angel, Psychic, Mediumship Readings and Coach Programs
Melissa has been given so many gifts.  A reading from her is outstanding and goes beyond what you can get from other Psychics.
Phone 305-775-2940   Website


Elsa J. Stokes, Angel Therapy Practitioner
Phone 305-510-2440 
(Service by Skype or phone, or in person)
Angel, Psychic, Theta, Medium Readings.  Reiki and Theta Healing


HI Area- Hawaii

Emma Mitchell- Energy Healing Practitioner
Angel Messages, Angel Healing Treatment, Ayurvedic Treatment, Energy Healing, training and workshops
Phone 808-282-6468
(Service by Skype or phone, or in person)



Wilbraham, MA

Carol Hunt, Angel Therapist®
Phone 413-599-1990
Medium, Hypnotist, Past Life Regression, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Spiritual Teacher.


Francine Clausen- Angel Messages, Medium, Healer, Psychic, Police\Missing People

Phone- 978-281-1179

Web Site-


Baltimore, MD Area
Liz Draman, Shamanism, Energy Healer, Meditation, Angel Oracle, Crystals, Tunning Forks, Classes, Intuitive Ability


NJ Area

Joan Donohue- Mediumship Readings, Reiki, I.E.T., Healing with the Angels, Certified Holistic Health counselor
Phone 201-892-4216



Kathy Milano, Ph. D., Psychotherapy, Heart Assisted Therapy, Worshops, Angel Healing, Angelic Ecourse, Meditation Cds, Newsletter
Phone 856-778-1981



Mary Note Law, MA, Angelic communication, Mediumship, Workshops, Guided Meditations, Energy Healing
Phone 609-230-3343


Judith Toma, Angel Therapy Practitioner/ Medium
Phone 732-713-3407
One on One Personal Guided Mediation
Private Angel Readings (In person, by phone, by email)
Mediumship Readings
Angel Parties
Cord Cutting
Oracle Card Parties
Monthly Angel Circle
Email:  Website:

Radio Show: Click her to listen to Judith on the radio Feb 21


Jackie Haughn, Angel Therapy Practitioner/ B.M.  
Angel Therapy Readings (In person, by phone, by email), Radio Show
Reiki, Coaching Services
Appt's are arranged through email and availability during evenings and weekends

Email:   Website:



NY Area
Max Ryan, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Angel Class, Readings
Web Site:
6 weeks of Angelic Guidance Web Site: Link

Lisa K- ATP
Angel Readings, Energy Healing, Reiki, IET,
Web Site:

Phone: 914-432-7886


Toronto, Ontario

Farhan Dhalla, Spiritual Personal Trainer
Medium, Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP)
Web Site:


Other Area

Doreen Virtue- You can listen to Doreen Virtue on
Call into her show for a free reading.